Frequently Asked Questions

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How fast is delivery from your shop?

Our online shop is connected to Amazon and each item has individual shipping dates. All items are NOT sold by Momswers. We try to link products that offer Amazon Prime delivery so you get your items as quick as possible. 

How do I sign up for the Momswers community?

Simply go to our REGISTRATION page to sign up. After that, you can check and post to your timeline, add friends, join and create groups, send private messages and earn points!

How do I submit a question to the forums?

Hop on over to our FORUMS and you can ask any question you like! Our helpful community will be more than happy to try and answer.

When did Momswers start?

We are BRAND NEW!!! We just launched on April 15th, 2021. Momswers is a community of moms, by moms and our main goal is to help you out and make your life a little happier or easier. 

How do I submit an article?

Skip, hop and jump over to SUBMIT AN ARTICLE. You can enter all your contact  information and your story. 

Where are you located?

Momswers was created for moms and parents worldwide, but it was created in Canada. 

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